Course Outline

Setting up Prerequisites

  • Elasticsearch: Introduction 
  • Elasticsearch: Installation and Configuration
  • elasticdump
  • Brief Introduction to Kibana
  • Nested Objects - Limitation to Kibana

Setting up Kibana

  • Kibana: Install and Configure
  • Configuring Elasticsearch and connecting Kibana
    • Dynamic Mapping
    • Limitations
  • Tribe Nodes

Using Kibana

  • Indices and Filters
  • Discover Interface
    • Time Filter
    • Toolbar and Searchbar
    • Field Lists
    • Document Data and Context - Add/View/Edit/Delete
  • Visualization Interface
    • Aggregations
      • Bucket Aggregations - Date Histogram, Date Range, Range, Histogram, Terms and Filters
      • Metric Aggregations - Count, Sum, Average, Min, Max, Percentile, Percentile Ranks and Unique
    • Create Visualization
    • Chart, Line, Area
    • Data Table
    • Metrics
    • Other Visualization Types
  • Dashboard Interface: Building, Merging, Loading and Sharing
  • Graph: Configure, Troubleshoot and Limitations

Kibana: Dev Console

  • Overview
  • Shortcuts: Brief
  • Settings and Configuring

Kibana in Production

  • SSL encryption
  • Load Balancing using Elasticsearch Nodes


  • Managing Fields and Formatters
  • Saved Searches, Visualizationad and Dashboards
  • Apache/nginx proxy for security


  • Install/Update/Disable/Remove Plugins
  • Plugins Manager



Delegates should have a prior experience with elasticsearch and system adminstration in order to attend this training.

 14 Hours

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